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The advantages  of a Confidential HIV Test There are lots of reasoned explanations  why A hiv that is confidential test be something to take into account.


We might as well get straight  to the point! For you is hopefully enjoyable and an expression of your desire, passion and feelings for another person whether it is casual, recreational or part of a sincere and deep relationship, sex. Unfortunately, HIV ( as well as  other sexually transmitted diseases or 'STDs') simply can't be considered within  the exact same terms that are positive. They can be transmitted during various forms of sexual activity and it's advisable  to take the topic seriously.

hiv testing

Since the 1980s and society's first awareness of the nagging problem, HIV has usually been discussed with regards to sex. It's well worth bearing in mind though, it may also  be passed through other mechanisms such as for example the sharing of non-sterile hypodermics in medication use or by the transfusion of infected blood.

Sex and HIV - some facts

HIV may be handed over  from  one partner to a different during any 'unprotected' intimate activity that involves penetration therefore  the exchange of physical liquids. That is applicable to either gay or sex that is straight and folks of either gender can infect one another.

HIV may remain fairly dormant in the  body for several years with the person that is infected no symptoms or even any understanding that they are contaminated - unless they have had a private HIV test of course. Even in the event they are completely asymptomatic, a person that is infected have the ability  to unwittingly infect their sexual partner.HIV may progress into AIDS with time, though anti-viral treatments may show effective in stabilizing the position in some cases.


There are really only two ways you are able to be certain you will not contract HIV through sex:
• Lead a lifestyle that is entirely celibate
• Only have sex with someone you understand isn't carrying the HIV infection

Most experts  agree that utilizing a condom may significantly reduce the chances of infection but that it isn't 100% foolproof or guaranteed. It's additionally worth avoiding the confusion that may sometimes arise over the use regarding  the term 'protected sex' in the context of contraception and HIV protection. Many contraceptive methods of 'protected sex' provide little or no protection whatsoever against HIV.

The private HIV test

Unfortuitously, dilemmas in life tend to not simply go away since  you ignore them. Truth be told that for those who  have previously involved in unprotected sex or other activities that are high-riske.g. sharing syringes), then there is a chance, though hopefully a relatively tiny one, that you have HIV. It might probably therefore be advisable to get yourself tested through a confidential hiv test.


• If you have HIV it is important to find professional medical advice and therapy.
• If you do have HIV then this is something you should know about in terms of your personal future sexual activity.

It's sometimes not simple admitting to yourself that a test may be advisable. That's why here are centers that specialize in providing a fast and completely confidential HIV test that will verify the reality associated with the position to you.

Morality is not a problem

It can be your directly  to lead the sexual life of the choosing. Taking a confidential HIV that is confidential test nothing about your personal morals and no one is planning  to judge you. The truth  is that HIV can be caught from even a single unprotected encounter that is sexual. It may also arise in a reliable and secure relationship if your partner has had unprotected sex with someone else previously or if you did.

Showing obligation

In today's world, sexual health has become an even  more open subject of discussion. Both when it comes to HIV and  other STDs, it is really not unreasonable to inquire of a possible  new partner that is sexual their previous and current sexual wellness, and they may well expect you to answer similar concerns. For the reason  that sense, being able to ensure that you are free of HIV or STDs is a sign of maturity and that you will be respecting the legal rights of someone you plan  to have intercourse with. The way that is only'll manage to accomplish this with certainty is to have a test for STDs and HIV.

HIV & STD tests - perhaps not just a one-off

Then having a regular confidential HIV test is highly advisable - as indeed is possibly some change in your attitude towards condoms if you are sexually active and engage in sex with different partners (particularly if you do not insist on using a condom! It's never ever a nice thought because it involves trust, but even if you're in a unique and stable relationship, keep in mind that it is possible to only be 100% certain of your very own habits and perhaps not those of your partner.

Consequently, contemplating HIV, STDs and testing that is periodic be necessary even in such situations - which is another explanation why the confidential HIV test and expert testing facilities exist.


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